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RAV Vast

RAV x ReWildYourSoul: G Mystic 7

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The Mystic: A Unique Collaboration Scale RAV x Ricky Hillson

The Mystic is a stunning collaboration scale created exclusively for brand ambassador Ricky Hillson. This extraordinary scale stands out not only for its design, but also for its sound.

The drum was crafted in a luxurious gold colour, coated with our newest hydrophobic glaze. This innovative feature protects the drum from rust and decay, while preserving the raw sound of the steel.

The Mystic scale has only seven notes, creating a mysterious, enchanting and mesmerizing melody. It has a distinctive gap on the first petal right below the ding, adding to its magic. This gap is adorned with a special design element that matches the personalized RAV locket and plug.

The G Mystic scale is an iteration of a classic minor scale, brooding, mysterious and full of potential. Percussionist will enjoy the tuned percussive space, which activates the G5 harmonic of the central note.

Having an isolated percussive area means strikes there have a clean and woody sound.
For those who have styles more related to songwriting and melodic playing, this scale offers a new take on a minor scale.

Using diad pairs that are both horizontal and on the same side, players have a variety of novel positions to work with.


Notes: G2 - D3 D#3 G3 A3 A#3 D4 F4; 
Proficiency Level: Medium; 
Mood: Mysterious; 
Key: G; 
Weight: 6,4 kg; 
Size: 51 cm; 
Height: 18 cm; 
Colour: Golden; 
Rim: Brass

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