Meet RAV Moon

A journey in search of the perfect concept led us to the Moon. The diameter of the instrument is only 39 cm, the characteristic element of the structure is special tongues. Premium high quality drum in an attractive and affordable price range.


If your life feels like an endless journey and you seek a musical companion to travel with, or you're in search of a new sound, or perhaps you want to explore this magical musical world for the first time, or wish to give your child the chance to discover their talent, then it seems the stars have aligned, and you’re in the right place.

RAV Moon - miniature handpan:

Similar shape and aesthetics, similar splicing technique, similar oval tone fields and tuned harmonics: fundamental - loud octave - fifth above octave. A similar rimshot that retains the bright and clean authenticity of the sound. The original spiral reeds recreate the sound of a classic handpan. A modern embodiment of truly iconic sound compositions.