Top 4 RAV drums applications

Real stories of what RAV Vast can inspire you to.

Did you know that it's not just the fingerprints that are never the same? Imagine twins. The same upbringing, genetics, but such different characters and fate. Needless to say that the music these people would create would turn out completely different. This is because the inner mood, attitude to sound, and music is different for each person. Do you play with mallets or hands, do you like major or minor melodies, or maybe you tap meditative rhythms? 100 people out of 100 do it their own way the first time they play the drum.

Let's see which of our clients found their inspiration and own vibe with our RAV drums.

1. Professional musicians

The most talented and famous musicians discover their new sides with the help of RAV music. Many of our friends appeared on stage with RAV Vast numerous times and always surprised us with a new melody.

2. Hobby, personal development

Oddly enough, this is the biggest category of RAV drum lovers. What else a person needs for home comfort and recovery, if not creativity. Playing a guitar or painting is little more than just a hobby. These hobbies require years of training, thousands of hours of practice and, often, not relaxation, but reflection and a desire to become better.

RAV VAST is a panacea from this point of view. You just sit and play how you feel. And there is no chance for mistakes. Everyone does it their own way. The most important thing is to feel the music, to be able to distract from reality, and just trust the melody.

3. Yoga/Meditation

It seems that no spiritual practice can do without a handpan or tank drum. Their sound is perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation, slowing down the flow of buzzing thoughts and just tranquil breathing. Just listen to it.

Blogger Justin Ezor likes to meditate specifically with our RAV drums. To help other people he created a RAV meditation workshop. Getin touch with him at


4. Sound therapy

This is the case when the product is really beneficial.  RAV drums have repeatedly helped children and adults with difficulties in life to feel what it means to live to the fullest. 


How to enjoy RAV music if you do not have a RAV drum yet?

Be sure to add music playlists to your favorites, which contain the best melodies for your body and soul relaxation. We highly recommend you to check the playlist Youtube.

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