The most harmonious sound among all similar drums in the world

Among all drums and handpans, it is the only drum that has a large Ding with 7 tuned notes as well as 8 tongues in a circle with a complete harmony of 4-7 tones on each tongue.

Thanks to a patented technology, its sound is as rich as some of the most popular and in-demand handpans.

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How is it possible?


All of the tones in one tuning are selected in such a way that it is impossible to make a mistake. So, you can improvise easily.


So, getting started takes minutes. The RAV Vast is loud enough for playing in the open air.


21 RAV scales with leaves no one untouched, everyone will find a tuning to their taste. Specially selected notes in each scale make the process of improvisation and songwriting extremely interesting.

Find out what scale suits you best
  • Very deep and warm sound

    Thanks to our patented technology, the sound of RAV Vast is as rich as of most popular and expensive handpans.

  • Affordable price

    The price of a quality handpan starts at around €2000. Most of RAV Drums go for €875.

  • Durability

    Anti-rust coating will protect your RAV from rust. RAVs never go out of tune. Ever.

  • Easy to learn

    You don't have to have any musical background to learn RAV. Getting started take minutes. It's probably the easiest percussive instrument there is.

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Our mission is to bring the joy of creating music in every corner of the world. To continue growing in the 21st century, RAV Labs will do its best to create a medium that touches the human soul and enriches the lifestyle of people worldwide through music.

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  • Kuba Makowczynski about B Celtic Minor:
    «‎I am very pleased with the quality of the instrument. The sound has a beautiful timbre. When I play I feel calm, my body rests. Calm rhythms and melodies induce a state of deep relaxation. I use the instrument during yoga and stretching classes, but I also play music sessions in restaurants and clubs.»

  • Antoni Koniak about B Kurd:

    «I've been playing Rav for three years now. Thanks to it, I started my journey with this type of instruments. My B Kurd is absolutely reliable in any situation. I've played street and stage concerts with it, relaxing yoga sessions, duets with other artists, including some very famous ones. It has never let me down.»

  • Franco Capone about F Astronaut:

    «The sound quality of this instrument has surprised me positively, and its size is ideal to take it with me to different places within BC Island. By combining the mysticism of the F Astronaut scale with the sounds of nature, the experience becomes a therapeutic meditation ceremony, which makes me feel calm and peaceful.»