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RAV Vast B Major Indigo

RAV Vast B Major Indigo

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The name of B Major speaks for itself - it is a major scale with a cheerful, uplifting sound. It is calmer than D major but still conveys the positivity. Who can play B Major? First of all, experienced musicians that are acquainted with handpan music. It will be especially interesting to those who wish to master the fast style of playing. Secondly, yoga or meditation mentors can use it as a treatment tool that can change the mood of the audience for the better. And lastly, if you are an enthusiastic beginner, eager to get to know B Major scale - you are very much welcome!


Notes: B2 E3 F#3 G#3 A#3 B3 C#4 D#4 F#4; 
Proficiency Level: Advanced; 
Mood: Dreamy; 
Culture: Western; 
Key: B; 
Weight: 11 lb (5.9 kg); 
Size: 20'' (51 cm); 
Height: 7'' (17 cm); 
Coating: Hydrophobic; 
Colour: Indigo; 
Rim: Brass 

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