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RAV Moon

RAV Moon D Hijaz

RAV Moon D Hijaz

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This is a very common and very charismatic scale. HIjaz does not need any introduction or description, just feel this oriental temperament. This scale suits the natural timbre of the RAV Moon instrument fantastically - an exemplary combination. The key of D is the most common among similar instruments, and you are much more likely to find a compatible tuning for jamming.

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Notes: D3 A3 C4 D4 D#4 F#4 G4 A4 C5
Proficiency Level: Medium; 
Mood: Bright; 
Culture: Middle East; 
Key: D; 
Weight: 8 lb / 3,6kg; 
Size: 15.3'' / 39cm; 
Height: 7''; 
Coating: Hydrophobic; 

New protection technology - hydrophobic coating!

Unlike paint, color is achieved by firing and can vary within acceptable limits, on one side there will be a slightly purple gradient and a gradient to blue, chameleon.

Each drum is unique, no two are alike!
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